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Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements

Commences: 19 January 2022

Practical models and techniques for analyzing & structuring, drafting, and negotiating Renewable Energy PPAs for bankable green investments in today’s competitive energy markets

LNG: Supply, Demand, Pricing and Trading

Commences: 19 January 2022

A commercially-focused overview of LNG business in 2022 with a commercial focus but technology and shipping will also be covered. The course consider the outlook for the business over the period to 2040 in terms of markets, sources of supply, pricing and trading and the response to energy transition

Mastering Clean Hydrogen

Commences: 20 January 2022

A comprehensive, participative course, providing the knowledge and tools to segment and analyse opportunity & risk within emerging hydrogen economies

Energy Storage

Commences: 24 January 2022

A business-focused assessment of energy storage opportunities, competing solutions and project delivery essentials

Project Finance & Project Financial Modelling

Commences: 7 February 2022

Project finance and financial modelling best practices with practical case studies

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS)

Commences: 14 February 2022

Master the technology pathways, its business drivers, economics and deployment strategies

Electric Vehicles & the Grid

Commences: 22 February 2022

The essential guide to opportunity and risk within emerging EV charging value chains

Public-Private Partnerships

Commences: 7 March 2022

Mastering PPP project analysis, financing, contracts & transaction management techniques

Power Purchase Agreement

Commences: 9 March 2022

Valuable lessons to be learned from the European experience

FinTech and Cryptocurrency

Commences: 9 March 2022

Demystifying the next paradigm shift in global financial services

Dispatchable & Flexible Solar Power

Commences: 28 March 2022

Mastering the integration of solar power plants with energy storage, plus other value-add solutions

ESG & Sustainable Finance

Commences: 4 April 2022

Explore the strategic implications of ESG and Sustainable Finance on the financial industry and learn how technology offers competitive advantages in transforming into a sustainability-driven organisation

Offshore Wind

Commences: 5 April 2022

A comprehensive online course to one of renewable energy’s fastest-growing sectors

Renewable Power Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

Commences: 20 April 2022

Understanding financial variables in the renewable power projects

FinTech & Artificial Intelligence

Commences: 11 May 2022

Mastering the strategic implications of FinTech and AI, and learn how cross-industry digital value chains can improve existing business models

Mastering Solar Power

Commences: 17 May 2022

A comprehensive, up-to-date and business-focused roadmap to success in delivering solar power growth, today and tomorrow

Mastering Wind Power

Commences: 7 June 2022

An essential guide to the business of wind power project planning & development