Renewable Energy Project Finance & Financial Modelling (Online Course)

Renewable Energy Project Finance & Financial Modelling (Online Course)


28 May – 6 Jun 2024
1 – 10 October 2024


Live Online Course


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Techniques & models for bankable green energy transactions of solar, wind, hydro, biomass & geothermal power investments in today’s competitive energy markets

In the global marketplace, both developed and developing economies urgently need to master the key techniques and models for financing the transformation to renewable generation while strengthening the reliability of new energy markets and systems. Today’s renewable energy frameworks and markets feature more innovative incentives to structure and analyze RE financial models to ensure that PF transactions are bankable, and conform to RE generation availability and system reliability requirements.

Today’s wind, solar, hydro, biomass, and geothermal project finance (PF) transactions require a higher level of expertise not only in programming more sophisticated and flexible financial models, but also in incorporating the latest risk mitigation and credit enhancement instruments. This online course covers both the key PF financial modeling requirements and techniques, risk analysis instruments, as well as bankability practices. The objective of this course is to provide participants with an enhanced understanding of the financial modelling and key documentation requirements of all interested parties to today’s RE PF transactions. This programme provides proven PF modelling techniques and transaction management techniques which will enable you to quantitatively assess risks, resolve constraints, and reach project financial closure. The practical models for wind, solar, hydro, biomass, and geothermal PF models will be demonstrated through a series of real-life project examples and transactions from Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

Benefits of Attending

  • Identify key requirements of limited-recourse Project Finance & Corporate Finance for Renewable Energy transactions, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Renewable Energy Credits & PF documentation management
  • Review solar, wind, hydro, biomass & geothermal PF financial model design requirements, presentation & formatting standards
  • Understand all key RE investment financial analysis outputs & assumptions including: NPV; “Green” Discount Rates; Equity IRR, Project IRR, Modified IRR, Dividend-based IRR, Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR); Profitability Ratios; Financial Leverage Ratios; Coverage & Credit Analysis Ratios; Liquidity Ratios, etc.
  • Program financial statements, cash flows, profit & loss statements and managing international accounting standards for RE PF transactions
  • Project RE PF balance sheets, valuation & monetization of RE Credits, SPV reserve accounts & release options modelling, PF refinancing, and conduct sensitivity & scenario analyses
  • Introduce innovative concepts in RE debt sculpting, options analysis for RE refinancing opportunities, and PF debt sizing
  • Oversee the design and review of RE PF financial models based upon your own company’s risk profile and corporate goals
  • Apply clear investment incentives and RE Credit, feed-in-tariffs (FIT), and credit enhancements for bankable private investments
  • Understand modelling for Corporate & Virtual RE transactions; manage and oversee successful RE project finance transactions

Live Online Course – How It Works

The structure of our virtual learning program is designed to keep the same levels of engagement and networking as our on-site public courses. Course content is delivered through our easy-to-use online learning platform and is supplemented by case studies and practical exercises.

Like our classroom-based public courses, you will have live interaction with our course facilitators and other participants. Our live online courses are led by our experienced instructors, who will provide you with easily digestible content, using knowledge learned from many years in the industry, during scheduled times. Delegates will receive copies of the course materials electronically.

This course is scheduled to take place over 6 live online sessions using virtual learning technology.

Course Agenda

Session 1: 28 May 2024, 7am – 10am GMT | 1 October 2024, 12pm – 3pm GMT

Special Requirements for Managing Renewable Energy (RE) Limited-Recourse Project Finance Transactions

  • Limited-Recourse Project Finance Transaction Requirements for Renewable Energy
  • Key Financial Analysis Measures for RE PF Bankability & Creditworthiness
  • Case Study: Renewable Energy PF Transaction (Wind or Solar)
  • PF Deal Origination & Constructing the RE PF Feasibility Study & Business Case
  • Managing RE PF Transactions: Reaching Commercial Closure vs. Financial Closure

Session 2: 29 May 2024, 7am – 10am GMT | 2 October 2024, 12pm – 3pm GMT

Key Requirements of RE Investments: Technical, Management & Investment Requirements of Wind, Solar, Biomass, Hydro, and Geothermal Sectors for Reliable Power Systems & Electricity Markets

  • Global Trends Driving Renewable Power Generation Investments & The Rise of Competitive & Green Energy Markets
  • Technical Requirements & Risk Management Options – Solar, Wind, Hydroelectric, Waste-to-Energy & Geothermal Sectors
  • Structuring RE Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
  • Case Study: Renewable Energy PPAs
  • Group Exercise: Risk Identification, Analysis & Allocation for a Solar/Wind Power Project

Session 3: 30 May 2024, 7am – 10am GMT | 3 October 2024, 12pm – 3pm GMT

Designing RE Project Financial Models Part 1: Financial Model Design Requirements & Work Plan Management

  • Designing Effective RE PF Financial Models
  • RE Financial Model Formatting & Presentation Standards for Ease-of-Understanding, Auditing & Clear PF Transaction Decision-Making
  • Designing RE Financial Model “Dash Boards” & “Inputs & Results” Worksheets

Session 4: 4 June 2024, 7am – 10am GMT | 8 October 2024, 12pm – 3pm GMT

Designing Financial Models Part 2: RE PF Financial Model Capital Expenditures and Profit & Loss Statements

  • Designing RE PF Capital Expenditure Worksheets & Financing Sources Worksheets
  • The RE PF Profit & Loss Statement (P&L) & The Cash Flow Statement
  • Exercise: Analyzing an RE Project Finance Model Design & Bankability

Session 5: 5 June 2024, 7am – 10am GMT | 9 October 2024, 12pm – 3pm GMT

Designing Financial Models Part 3: Programming Balance Sheets and Reviewing & Stress-Testing Renewable Energy PF Models

  • Programming RE PF Proforma Balance Sheets
  • Designing Other Supporting RE PF Model Worksheets
  • Reviewing, Trouble-Shooting, Auditing & Stress-Testing RE PF Financial Models
  • Group Exercise: Reviewing, Critiquing & Stress-Testing an RE PF Financial Model

Session 6: 6 June 2024, 7am – 10am GMT | 10 October 2024, 12pm – 3pm GMT

Summary Interactive Wind/Solar Project Financing Group Exercise

  • Group Exercise: Evaluating an RE PF Financial Model for Risk Allocation, Transaction Closure and Post-Transaction Economic Regulation & Tariff Adjustment

Training Methodology

This online workshop features a combination of experiential exercises and practical case studies to reinforce the ability of participants to actually apply RE project finance modelling, analysis, and transactions management techniques to real wind & solar investments.

Case studies of RE power transactions will feature the real-world details of sector-specific financial models, PPAs to provide participants with a first-hand understanding of the challenges of RE project financing & modelling. Experiential exercises will place participants into the practical roles of key management decision-makers who not only need to analyze and understand RE PF models, but also have to negotiate practical PF terms & conditions and to make real-world decisions on RE transactions.

As a result of actively engaging in this workshop’s interactive methodology, participants will be able to make practical decisions on RE transactions for their organization following this workshop’s completion.

Pre-Course Questionnaire

We would like to customise the workshop based on your specific needs. Pre-Course Questionnaire will be sent prior to the workshop for analyse in advance and to be addressed during the course.

Course Certificate

Upon the successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion bearing the signatures from both the Course Director and the Course Organiser. This Certificate will testify your endeavour and serve towards your professional advancement.

What People Are Saying

❛❛ I have been very impressed with the course content and with trainer's knowledge, experience and delivery. I am not a numbers person but trainer has enabled me to finally understand a financial model! ❜❜
Head of Legal, Low Carbon Contracts Company
❛❛ I am very satisfied by the depth and breadth of trainer's experience in the energy sector. His presentation slides are easily understood and he was responsive to all of our questions. ❜❜
Project Finance Manager, Adaro Power
❛❛ You will find this course useful and practical. I will recommend this course to not only the ones with experiences in this field but also the ones with no or less experiences. You will definitely gain knowledge and be able to apply it during the course. ❜❜
Chief of Department, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
❛❛ The trainer has in-depth knowledge in the subject. The discussion is very good especially most of participants are seasoned players with the industry, so a fruitful discussion indeed. ❜❜
Regional Finance Controller, ib vogt
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Who Will Attend

  • Renewable power project developers, investors, and green energy fund managers
  • Commercial lenders, guarantee fund managers, and development bankers financing investments in the growing green energy sector
  • Lawyers, consultants, and PPP transaction advisors in the private RE investment market
  • Renewable project contractors, operators, and equipment suppliers
  • Power authority and energy regulatory body managers, directors, board members & commissioners
  • Green energy market regulators, system operators, managers, traders, and market makers

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