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FinTech & Artificial Intelligence (Online Course)




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Banking is undergoing a transformation from being based in physical branches to using information technology (IT) and big data, together with highly specialised human capital. The value proposition of Fintech is to make complex processes easy, provide guidance and automation to fulfil heavy compliance burdens as benefit from a great richness in data. Your organisation has any means to commercialise the rewards of FinTech and artificial decision-making.

You will learn how FinTech and AI can help you work more effectively and have a greater impact on your business. Understand the strategic implications of FinTech and AI on the financial industry, where technology offers competitive advantages and how cross-industry digital value chains can improve existing business models. Regardless of your role this course will teach you the business requirements on digital technology in financial services, giving you the confidence to lead meaningful conversations across your business.

Benefits of Attending

  • Identify the right cases for digital technologies in the financial services
  • Apply basic artificial intelligence concepts in a banking context
  • Use Open Banking to create new business models
  • Apply FinTech concepts in the area of Green Finance and ESG risk management
  • Employ cryptocurrencies just as any other currency
  • Analyse and understand the implications from a regulatory perspective
  • Act ethically and be compliant with data privacy rules

Live Online Course – How It Works

The structure of our virtual learning program is designed to keep the same levels of engagement and networking as our on-site public courses. Course content is delivered through our easy-to-use online learning platform and is supplemented by case studies and practical exercises.

Like our classroom-based public courses, you will have live interaction with our course facilitators and other participants. Our live online courses are led by our experienced instructors, who will provide you with easily digestible content, using knowledge learned from many years in the industry, during scheduled times. Delegates will receive copies of the course materials electronically.

This course is scheduled to take place over 8 live online sessions using virtual learning technology.

Course Agenda

Session 1: 11 May 2022, 12pm – 3pm GMT

An Introduction to FinTech and AI

  • FinTech – scope and interfaces to traditional Financial Services
  • FinTech technology
  • Fintech tools and processes
  • Digital culture

Session 2: 12 May 2022, 12pm – 3pm GMT

The Fundamentals of AI in FinTech

  • What is AI? Why does it get relevant now?
  • Capabilities and limitations of machine learning
  • Anomaly detection
  • Case Study: Anomaly detection in financial transactions
  • Natural language processing
  • Case Study: Investment research with NLP

Session 3: 17 May 2022, 12pm – 3pm GMT

Open Banking / PSD2

  • Open Banking regulation
  • Open Banking applications
  • Case Study: Build your own bank on ORCA
  • Open Banking security

Session 4: 18 May 2022, 12pm – 3pm GMT

FinTech and AI in Retail Banking and Wealth Management

  • Payment services
  • Case Study: WeChat as an aggregation platform
  • Robo advisory
  • Case Study: Live robo advisory examples and comparison
  • KYC / AML
  • Fraud screening

Session 5: 19 May 2022, 12pm – 3pm GMT

FinTech and Sustainable Finance

  • Sustainable finance overview
  • DB ESG screening tool
  • Case Study: Deutsche Bank Alpha Dig
  • TCFD scenario analysis
  • Case Study: Fintechs enabling climate risk assessment
  • Sustainable investment
  • Case Study: Norsia – data-driven sustainability personality analysis
  • Case Study: Inyova – sustainable investing for everybody
  • Exercise: Build your sustainable investment fund

Session 6: 23 May 2022, 12pm – 3pm GMT


  • Introduction to the Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Overview of current cryptocurrencies
  • Case Study: Facebook’s Libra
  • Business cases for cryptocurrencies
  • Auditing cryptocurrencies

Session 7: 24 May 2022, 12pm – 3pm GMT

Regulatory Aspects of FinTech

  • Fintech and AI in regularoty technology
  • Case Study: Interpol and Refinitiv together against Green Crime
  • Robo advisory regulation
  • Case Study: Two robo advisory models
  • FinTech and supervision/li>
  • Case Study: Microfinance applications
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Session 8: 25 May 2022, 12pm – 3pm GMT

Ethics and AI for Financial Services Applications

  • Ethical AI development in the FinTech space
  • Interpretability of AI models
  • Bias and de-biasing of data
  • Case Study: Fair lending
  • Exercise: Bias in lending and how to avoid unfair decisions

Training Methodology

The agenda will combine presented materials with plenty of opportunity for Q&A, interactive discussions, and the use of quantitative models to illustrate key learning points. Current market examples and data are utilised wherever helpful.

Pre-Course Questionnaire

We would like to customise the workshop based on your specific needs. Pre-Course Questionnaire will be sent prior to the workshop for analyse in advance and to be addressed during the course.

Course Certificate

Upon the successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion bearing the signatures from both the Course Director and the Course Organiser. This Certificate will testify your endeavour and serve towards your professional advancement.

What People Are Saying

❛❛ I have attended a number of courses conducted by the trainer over the past few years. I have learnt a great deal – he is an excellent lecturer; not only is he technically sound, he would ensure that the content of his courses are kept up-to-date with case studies which are relevant to the current market environment. His classes are never dull and he always keeps the participants engaged.❜❜
Kingston P, Singapore
❛❛ Trainer manages to break down difficult topics into understandable building blocks. ❜❜
David R, UK
❛❛ Absolutely the best training I have attended. ❜❜
Z. Chunmao, China
❛❛ Trainer is simply excellent. Thanks to his clarity, very complex issues become easy and understandable to the great satisfaction of trainees. I go back very often to the notes of that seminar and find them at any time clear and useful. ❜❜
Anna G, Italy
❛❛ Much more in-depth than MBA level courses. ❜❜
Kevin Y, USA
❛❛ The course is interesting and relevant. ❜❜
Clara C, Hong Kong
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Who Will Attend

  • Decision makers
  • Chief Digital / Data Officers
  • Data scientists
  • Product managers & developers
  • Directors / Managers within financial organisation
  • Investment / Portfolio managers
  • Asset / Fund managers
  • Operations managers
  • Risk and compliance managers
  • Innovation managers
  • Business development managers
  • Wealth managers

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