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  Programme Agenda

Day 1 – Market Environments for Renewable Power

Module 1: Renewable Power: A ‘Big Picture’ Review

Module 2: The Value of Electricity, Including the Impact of Renewables

Module 3: Understanding What Makes A Practical Power Generation Mix

Module 4: Illustrating the Challenges of Transitioning to a Cleaner Electricity Mix

Day 2 – Investment Returns & Risks for Renewable Power Projects

Module 5: The Business Case Variables and Economics of A Power Project

Module 6: Financing Costs and Attracting Investment

Module 7: Regulatory Impacts & Policy Risks

Module 8: Illustrating the Key Variables in Competitive Bidding

Day 3 – Deploying Renewable Power Projects

Module 9: A Project Development Checklist

Module 10: Key Processes and Contracts

Module 11: Reviewing Specific Considerations for…

i) Solar power

ii) Wind power

iii) Geothermal

iv) Hydropower

v) Biopower

Day 4 – Growing ‘System-Friendly’ Renewable Power

Module 12: Market Drivers for Dispatchable and Hybrid Renewable Power Projects

Module 13: Renewables + Storage (and Other Power System Flexibility Solutions)

Module 14: Distributed Renewables, the Power System Transition & New Value Chain Opportunities

Module 15: Transitioning to 100% Renewable Power

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