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  Programme Agenda

Day 1

The Debate: What Should the State Provide?

Case Study: The privatisation agenda

Case Study: PPP experience in Africa – the good, bad and ugly

Case Study: Why is the PPP model not universal?

Case Study: Taxation structures for private investment in infrastructure

What Really Matters

Case Study in structure: Lease-Develop-Operate (LDO) and Wrap-Around Addition (WAA)

Group Discussion: Technical skills and the public sector – what needs fixing?

Case Study: Corruption and inefficiency in PPP delivery – causes, course and consequences

Sectoral Analysis: Case Studies

Energy: renewable energy and the future of the grid

Transport: toll roads

Case Study: The N3, N4, Wild Coast – what went right, what went wrong

Transport: railways

Case Study: Funding the Gautrain project in a tight timescale

Schools and hospitals

Case Study: The Edinburgh Hospital debacle

Housing – how to mobilise private finance for low-cost housing

Case Study: Subsidised accommodation in Ireland, lessons learned

National parks and government facilities

Case Study: The Kruger National Park

Hospitals and clinics

Case Study: The Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital


Day 2

Project Evaluation

Case Study: International comparison of best practice guides in PPP experience and their application

PPP Procedures

Case Study: South Africa Treasury procedures compared to PF2 and other international practice

Case Study: What happens when projects fail?

Financing the Project

Case Study: The role of the African Development Bank

Case Study: Review of a PPP funding structure

Specific Contract Issues

Case Study: How to rate a PPP transaction

Case Study: Types of project finance structures appropriate for infrastructure finance

Exercise: Resolving finance and structural issues in infrastructure provision


Day 3

Overview of Risk and Risk Allocation

Case Study: Comparative risk evaluation in water and sanitation treatment plants

More to Consider

Human resources

Environmental due diligence

Third party revenue

Organising Legal Agreements

Case Study: The standard PPP contract (including guidance and contracts in Africa)

Case Study: the UK Local Government contract – how useful?

Case Study: Indian concession contract for a toll road - evaluation

The Future of Private Finance for Infrastructure


Day 4

Challenges and Solutions for PPP Projects

Exclusive Field Visit!

We will visit one of Africa's largest PPP project. Here we will look at how
• The project is structured
• The problems it faced
• The current situation and industry updates

This is an opportunity to appreciate how concepts learned throughout the previous days are translated into real

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