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Your Programme at a Glance

Module 1
Global Electricity Market Trends Driving PPA Investments
Real Life Case Study: Lake Turkana Kenya

Module 2
Developments Renewables
Real Life Case Study: Review situation Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America

Module 3
The Different Types of PPA
Practical Case:
Challenges in the heavy-industry renewable PPAs
What are the concerns and what are the possible solutions?

Module 4
Key Differences Thermal vs. Renewable PPA

Module 5
Key General Features PPA

Module 6
Renewable PPA Specifics
Real Life Case Study: Examining a Solar and Wind PPA

Module 7
Corporate Renewable PPA; Issues to Consider
Real Life Case Study: Examining a Corporate PPA structure

Module 8
Multiple Buyers PPAs
Real Life Case Study: Examining a Multi Buyer PPA

Module 9
Financing of Renewable Power Projects
Real life Case Study: Reviewing Financing Structure of Renewable Project with a PPA

Module 10
Bankability of Renewable PPAs

Module 11
Risk Assessment; A PPA is all about properly allocating risks
Exercise: Identifying Risks for a specific Renewable PPA Project

Module 12
How to Negotiate the Best PPA Deal
Final Exercise: Roleplay negotiating a Renewable PPA
Putting theory into practice; negotiating a renewable PPA, including the terms and price elements.

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