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Your Programme at a Glance

Module 1
Overview of the International Power Sector

Module 2
Concepts in Power Purchasing and Trading
Case Study: The thief and the stolen power

Module 3
Electricity Wholesale Markets Development
Case Study: The Nigerian Power Market Reform

Module 4
Market Structures

Module 5
The Parties to Projects
Case Study: Diagrammatic representation of relationships

Module 6
Fuel Types and Impact on Contract Type

Module 7
Project Contract Matrix

Module 8
Project Structures

Module 9
Types of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
Case Studies: International examples of commercial deals using PPAs, both short and long term

Module 10
Clause by Clause Analysis of Power Purchase Agreements
Case Study: Example clauses for many provisions, including price escalation, capacity, availability, greenhouse and carbon costs, development, milestones, conditions precedent.

Module 11
Quantities and Delivery
Case Study: Market supply balance and pricing curves

Module 12
Contract Price
Case Study: Example price escalation clauses

Module 13
Managing Risk

Module 14
Documenting Risk Management
Case Study:
• Example force majeure clause
• Transformer explosion and fire

Module 15
Damages and Loss

Module 16
Project Structure and Timing

Module 17
Project Finance
Case Study: Project financing structure and securities

Module 18
Environmental Qualities and Off -take
Case Study: Solar PV farm PPA

Module 19
When Things Go Wrong
Case Study: Alternative dispute resolution techniques

Module 20
Variations for Plant Type
Case Study: Wind farm PPA terms

Module 21
Integrating Renewables Into Grids
Case Study: The South Australian system blackout

Module 22
Hedge and Derivative Markets
Case Study: Power purchase hedge transaction confirmation

Module 23
Effective Contract Management

Module 24
PPA Negotiation
Group Exercise: IPP and PPA Negotiation
• Negotiating a PPA, including the terms and price elements

Module 25
Close-out Discussion

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