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  Programme Agenda

Day 1 - Introduction to IFRS Principles, Oil and Gas Accounting Issues and Non-Current Assets

Module 1: Overview of IFRS Principles and Concepts

Module 2: Oil and Gas Industry

Module 3: Oil and Gas Industry Accounting Issues

Case Study: Comprehensive illustration - Overview of accounting entries for full cost versus successful efforts

Day 2 – Accounting for the Oil and Gas Industry Value Chain: Exploration, Development and Production

Module 4: Successful Efforts – Accounting for Pre-Exploration and Non-Drilling Exploration Activities

Case Study: Comprehensive illustration – Successful efforts pre-exploration, acquisition, non-drilling activities

Module 5: Successful Efforts – Accounting for Exploration and Development Drilling

Day 3 – Accounting for the Oil and Gas Industry Value Chain: Inventory, Revenue Recognition

Module 6: Full Cost Accounting

Module 7: Accounting for Production Activities

Day 4 – Other Accounting Issues and Disclosure and Analysis of Reserves

Module 8: Revenue Measurement and Recognition

Module 9: Accounting for International Operations

Module 10: Future IFRS Direction, US GAAP Convergence and Course Review

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