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  3 Day MBA in Finance

Coming Up Soon! Singapore Dates: 20 - 22 May 2013


The business world today has never been more turbulent and uncertain and the ultimate measure of decision making in any context is and will be financially inclined. Consequently in the new challenging business environment it is imperative that managers and professionals responsible for management and leadership of the companies, subsidiaries and divisions should be able to understand financial jargon, use and understand the financial information to engage in financial discussions and take ownership for management and control of their respective organisations. A sound understanding of finance will only enable them to interact with its' key stakeholders both internally & externally with confidence and contribute significantly to not only the sustainability of the company but the strong development of the company in the recovery phase.

This workshop is designed for non-financial professionals who have reached positions of responsibility and need to enhance their financial knowledge of finance and financial analysis to be able to see the "integrated picture" in a turbulent business environment or professionals who believe that they need to enhance business finance to reach the next level in the organisations. The program further enhances the participant's critical thinking and appreciation of financial statements and the strategic direction of the company.

The emphasis throughout is on developing financial skills from a strategic perspective to add strategic and stakeholder value to businesses and the use of finance and control information for the effective management of resources.

The program uses a wide variety of participative methods to help professionals understand company balance sheet, income statements, cash flow statements and statements of changes in equity and cost and capital budgeting concepts amongst others so as to add value to the effective leadership and management of organisation.

Key Benefits of Attending

This program is designed to enable participants to enhance their financial awareness from a strategic perspective so as to make more effective contributions to management discussions and challenges involving financial issues.

This workshop will provide a strong understanding of financial concepts, techniques and jargon which will enable them to make better use of the financial information they receive and to communicate with financial colleagues Business case studies sprinkled throughout the course, will reinforce the theory, and topic related group exercises.

Key Learning Objectives

1) Develop professional and practical knowledge of key finance and accounting terms and understand the thinking, logic and drivers behind them.
2) Appreciate the important elements in Financial Statements or Annual Reports and their sources.
3) Learn to analyse and interpret financial statements and take value add measures to better manage and control the company.
4) Learn the critical difference between cash flow and profit and the significant importance of cash flow statements, cash operating cycles and how to manage cash for business success.
5) Learn why companies get into crisis and what can be done to get out of the crisis.
6) Discover how strategy impacts financial outcomes.
7) Appreciate the value of budgets and costing concepts for decision making and business improvement.
8) The impact of strategy and budgets and for short and long term planning.
9) Learn the value of Economic Value Add (EVA) Statements to ensure financial efficiency in companies.
10) Understand the techniques used in capital project evaluations and how rates of returns impact financial decisions
11) Learn the sources of finance and what matters in the eyes of the bankers.
12) Understand how strategic decisions and directions impact financial direction and results.
13) Allows you to better business plan a company’s direction, performance and control so that you can better lead, communicate, engage and manage your team in financial matters.

Course Certificate

Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance bearing the signatures from both the Export Workshop Leader and the Course Organiser. This Certificate will testify your endeavour and serve towards your professional advancement.




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