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Agenda Summary

On the first day you will receive a thorough review of the fundamental drivers and variables of electricity economics,
including the limitations of common metrics and the perspectives of different stakeholders from investors to end-customers. On the second day, you will learn how clean energy disruption is changing how electricity is valued and distributed, leading to the need for a system-wide view of electricity costs (and prices). On the final day we’ll examine how increasing competition is driving innovations in the way electricity is sold and how emerging technologies are further changing the playing field; before discussing how the changing economics of electricity are challenging and being addressed by policymakers.

While the agenda detail gives a good guide to the order of topic focus, it’s worth noting that cross-cutting issues such as policy, finance and technology change will crop up throughout the three days.

Note: Market examples are highlighted and discussed throughout this course to illustrate the various learning points and show that the content is based on market reality, not just theory. We do not list specifics in the agenda below simply because they are updated on a continuous basis, often right up to the day of the course.

Day 1: Economic & Market Fundamentals

The Cost Structure and Returns of Electricity Generation

Investors, Bankability and Project Financing

Key Metrics and Clarity in Defining Electricity Costs, Prices and Value Propositions

INTERACTIVE DISCUSSION: Electricity Market Stakeholders

Day 2: Electricity Pricing & Market Disruption

Markets and Energy Prices

Putting a Value on Capacity

Electricity System Disruption

INTERACTIVE DISCUSSION: A Full-System View of Electricity Pricing

Day 3: Competition, Innovation, Investment and the Customer

Business Case & Project Financing Issues for New Power Infrastructure

Selling Electricity in Competitive Environments

A Review of Growing and Emerging Challenges (and Opportunities)

INTERACTIVE SUMMARY & DISCUSSION: Electricity Policy in a Low-Carbon World

Closing Q&A

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